Common Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to write us at

What is a Tag and why do I pay $7 additional if I opt to not have it?

Our prices include a savings of $7 off by allowing us to place a small (5pt type size) tag-line on your order. We will automatically place the tag-line on the back side. The tag-line will read: PRINTED BY: FAREPRINT.COM | 678.971.9008

What types of files do you accept?

We recommend saving your file as a high resolution JPEG. All files sent to Fare Print will eventually be converted to a JPEG before they go to print. You may also send the file in the following types: psd, tif, tiff, eps, ai, and png. If your are going to send .AI, .PDF or .EPS files, please outline all fonts and embed any "linked" images before sending. These files are easier to handle and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember if you aren't sending JPEG's, flatten your file to avoid problems.

What color mode should I use when designing my files?

If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur and you may not be satisfied with your job. You should always design your files using CMYK color mode because this is the mode we use to print.

These colors are in RGB mode.
These are the same colors, but in CMYK mode.

What resolution should I design my files at?

Files should be designed at 300dpi. Files that are designed at lower resolutions such as 150dpi or 72dpi will not be high quality. Also, images used in a design should be high resolution as well. Using low resolution images in a high resolution design will result in those images being low in quality. We will not accept anything but 300dpi files.

High Resolution 300dpi file.
Low Resolution 72dpi file.

How do I properly setup bleeds?

All files submitted to Fare Print should have a 1/4 (.25) inch bleed added to the artwork. For example, a 4x6 postcard should be set up at 4.25x6.25. No important text or graphics should be within the .25 inch area. Background colors SHOULD extend all the way to the edge for full bleed designs.

Bleed Guides
Close-up Bleed Guide
Incorrect Bleed Setup

Text and important graphics will be cut.
Correct Bleed Setup

Text and important graphics will be cut.

How can I ensure my Blues do not come out Purple?

When using a blue in your design, always make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values.

Example: C 100%, M 100%, Y 0%, K 0%
Same colors after printing.

Blue is close to purple in the CMYK spectrum. Remember, use a low amount of magenta whenever using high amounts of cyan to avoid purple. Example: C 100%, M 70%, Y 0%, K 0%

What are my responsibilities concerning proofing?

We do not proof jobs! By the time an order is sent to us, all edits should be final, the copy carefully proof read, and design issues settled. When you go to print, make sure the copy has been pre approved. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROOFING ANY SUBMITTED JOBS.

What do I need to do if my job is color critical?

If your job is color critical, you MUST ORDER A COLOR PROOF at the time of your order. If a color proof is not ordered we are not responsible for any color variations from your monitor to our presses. We cannot stress this enough, color variations will occur, if you need to attain perfect color on your job it can only be achieved by a color proof. Please note, there are additional fees for color proofs as well as a longer turn-around.

How do I cancel a job already in progress?

Due to the nature of the 24-48 hour turnaround, we process jobs as soon as they are received. If you need to cancel an order you have placed, you must call and speak to a Fare Print representative. If we can catch the job before it goes to print, we will be more than happy to cancel it, but if the job is already plated and scheduled for production, you are responsible for full payment. Please note, even though your job may not be ready for a few days, production usually begins immediately.

What happens if my order isn't ready until after you close at 7p.m.?

We will stay open for at least 1 hour after orders are ready. So if orders are ready at 7p.m., we will stay open til 8p.m. We can also leave orders outside PER our customers requests, note, we will not be held responsible for loss, damage, or theft. We suggest that customers do NOT leave flyers overnight.

How do I setup Spot UV Print Jobs?

When creating a Spot UV Job, You must include a Spot UV template file along with the regular full color file. The Spot UV Template file is used to show where the UV will be places. Use 100%K to indicate where you would like the UV. White will indicate no UV.